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Mount Carmel Gas Station Gets Green Light

Aerial View of Lots sold for Mount Carmel Gas Station

Aerial View of Lots sold for Mount Carmel Gas Station & Mixed-Use Development in Hamden, CT


Have you driven through the Mount Carmel section of Hamden lately?

The expanse of grass and woods has transformed into a construction site full of earth movers.

You may have wondered “What the heck is going on?!”

Well, Mount Carmel is getting a new gas station on the north-bound side of Whitney Avenue.

Since 2021, Noble Energy Real Estate Holdings LLC has been planning to change five vacant lots into a 6-pump gas station. (The grey squares above mark the parcels just north of Dickerman’s Ale House)

However, that’s not the whole story.

The Future Is Now with Mount Carmel Gas Station

Hartford-based Noble Energy is solving multiple issues with their latest project.

  • This filling station will be the only north-bound gas station on Whitney Avenue, alleviating traffic congestion.
  • They are also helping to transition us to carbon-free fueling with four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.
  • The project is also helping relieve the local housing shortage by putting 12 apartments (1- and 2-bedroom units),
  • above a well-lit convenience store.


Approved Plan of 3311 Whitney Avenue Mixed Use Developement

Screenshot of 3311 Whitney Avenue Development Plan from Hamden Planning and Zoning Zoom Meeting, October 11, 2021.


Rendering of Convenience Store and Apartments in Mt Carmel

Rendering of Noble Convenience Store and Apartments at 3311 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT


The principals of Noble Energy, Abdulghani Tammo and Michael Frisbie, have built a similar mixed-use gas station-centered projects in Hartford. They run a total of seven Noble Gas sites in Connecticut. (Source: New Haven Independent, June, 2022)

Personally, I’m thrilled to have this forward-thinking convenience in my neighborhood. The commercial property supports the tax base and add rentals to the local housing market. My next car will be an EV, so fueling it will be a breeze.

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